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Be Independent?

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What's the Main Focus in Your Life Right Now?


Read more about photography tips and tricks and learn how to edit your photos like a pro!

Blogging and Traffic

Get more readers and subscribers to your list with free and easy methods! Learn, how to make money online and work location independent!

Traveling around

Want to discover new amazing destinations and travel around the world on a shoestring? Let's go together on this exciting trip!

I believe that building
a location independent business and travel the world should be fun!


Julia Art, author of this site

There are millions websites and strategies about online business, traveling and photography... If you try to follow all of them, you won't be able to go anywhere!

Find one mentor and one way, which is right for you!

Follow your path, until you see results - this may take months or years!

But once you get there and can be your own boss, you will recognize, it was all worth it! Don't give up to soon, you're probably one decision away!

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