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Julia Art is passionate about landscape photography and traveling. She writes about different travel destinations, photography tips and location independent work.

7 Side Hustle Ideas for Beginners in 2019!

By Julia Art | make money online

Side hustle ideas for beginners

Want to find perfect side hustle ideas for you? If so, then you are at the right place here. Whether you want to start make money blogging or learn how to make money on the side. 

I will regularly update this side hustle ideas blog post so I can show you new possibilities to make even more money. In this case there will be something for everyone!

Side hustles are awesome because there are many different layers. You might want to start a new side hustle and earn an extra $50 a month. Other people want to make an extra $ 2,000 or more per month. Nothing wrong with that, don't you think?

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How to find time for a side hustle (without going crazy)

By Julia Art | make money online

How to find enough time for a side hustle and make money with a blog?

Who wants to have enough time for a side hustle beside a 9-5 job and make money with a blog? Do you feel like 24 hours are not enough to work in your full time job and additionally on your blog every day?

You’re anxious to reach those goals you’ve set for yourself and your online business, but you quickly realize that there’s only so much time in the day. No matter how hard you try, you feel as though you’re always one step behind. Learn, how to change this!

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SEO for a blog – 17 easy ways to get more blog traffic!

By Julia Art | blog

SEO for a blog is like gas for your Ferrari - you don't go anywhere without it!

There are many possibilities to drive traffic, but SEO is still important for a blog in 2019! As a new blogger you probably worry more about the design and photos on your blog... But it can be the most beautiful blog in the world - when you don't have a clue about SEO, nobody will ever read it!

Don't panic - you don't have to be a nerd to get fast results with SEO for your blog! Just follow my tips and you will see improvements over time!

In this blog post you will learn more about:
SEO fo a blog is like gas for a Ferrari
  • Keyword tools
  • SEO friendly content
  • Backlinks

... and a lot of secret EXPERT TIPS + videos to implement everything immediately step by step on your blog!

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Short travel quotes for Instagram – Get inspired!

By Julia Art | Quotes

Best Short Travel Quotes for Instagram

Need your next Instagram quote fast?

Short travel quotes for Instagram will save you a lot of time! We know the problem with Instagram captions - you can have the best picture, but sometimes you don't know, how to write a good taxt! How to start a conversation and get a lot of comments and likes? A short and good travel quote can save you hours of overthinking and give you an idea, what can be the topic of your picture or video on Instagram.

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Best Travel Quotes in 2019 for more inspiration!

By Julia Art | Quotes

Travel Quotes

Need some inspiration and a good travel quote? 

Here we go! Find the best collection of travel quotes for your Instagram page, Pinterest, Facebook or your own blog! Let me know in the comments, which is your favorite and which would you like to add to this collection!

Some of those travel quotes are here ready to tweet, so let's spread some inspiration for our thing, we all love - TRAVEL!

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