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How can a blog post draft save you a lot of time?

You can read more about this blog post draft in my article "How to write a blog post draft in 7 minutes!" This will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas and write your best content more effectively!


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blog post draft

Don't believe me, that I can write a short blog post draft in 7 minutes?

Of course I need first my topic and some ideas for headlines, but my Thrive Architect is a huge time saver. It let me builds my own templates in content blocks. You see one block for my blog post draft below. 

Once I created it and saved it as a template, I can add it to any page or blog post with just one click. After that I can write another text, replace that image or even add a video!

That's the secret, how I can write an awesome blog post draft first and add valuable content to it later!

This blog post draft costs just a minute of your time!

1. Your first awesome tip: Great tip Number 1!

Why should you follow this tip?

Explain more about your idea:

Write some text here. Add a list, that makes your content more visual. This is an example for the benefits of Yoast SEO plugin:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Preview of your page on Google
  • No duplicate content

Write more in depth info here and add some inbound and outbound links. 

Add a tweetable after this text. You can find a lot of inspirational quotes, that your readers would love to retweet!

Jobs fill your pocket, Adventures fill your soul! 

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Add a picture of your topic, if you write about traveling, you have a lot of your own pictures. If you write about other topics like, business or food, you'll find a lot free images on Pexels or other free websites.

Blog post draft

Add a video to your blog post draft!

Your readers will be excited, to find some useful information already in your blog post draft! Also a long video will increase the time your visitor stays on your blog and that's great for SEO!


Write a summary of your article. Ask for a comment. Recommend other blog posts, that could be interesting for your readers, like "How to make money blogging for beginners!" or a long guide about SEO for Blogs (No traffic - no money!).

What do you think about this tip, to write a short blog post draft first, and write a long informative article later? Tell me about your writing routine in the comments!

Sincerely yours,

Julia Art