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SEO for a blog – 17 easy ways to get more blog traffic!

By Julia Art | blog

SEO for a blog is like gas for your Ferrari - you don't go anywhere without it!

There are many possibilities to drive traffic, but SEO is still important for a blog in 2019! As a new blogger you probably worry more about the design and photos on your blog... But it can be the most beautiful blog in the world - when you don't have a clue about SEO, nobody will ever read it!

Don't panic - you don't have to be a nerd to get fast results with SEO for your blog! Just follow my tips and you will see improvements over time!

In this blog post you will learn more about:
SEO fo a blog is like gas for a Ferrari
  • Keyword tools
  • SEO friendly content
  • Backlinks

... and a lot of secret EXPERT TIPS + videos to implement everything immediately step by step on your blog!

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How to make Money Blogging! 5 insanely actionable Tips!

By Julia | blog

How to make money BLOGGING

for beginners!

To make money blogging is a dream for many people! Are you a beginner blogger, who wants to create a money making machine? Do you think, this is impossible in 2019?

Check out this guide with my BEST TIPS for making money blogging as a beginner! Get inspired from income reports of other bloggers and learn from their mistakes! Follow my 5 tips to make money blogging and you will be able to quit your job soon!

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