How to make Money Blogging! 5 insanely actionable Tips!

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How to make money BLOGGING

for beginners!

To make money blogging is a dream for many people! Are you a beginner blogger, who wants to create a money making machine? Do you think, this is impossible in 2019?

Check out this guide with my BEST TIPS for making money blogging as a beginner! Get inspired from income reports of other bloggers and learn from their mistakes! Follow my 5 tips to make money blogging and you will be able to quit your job soon!


Disclosure: This is a blog about traveling, photography and  how to make money online and where I recommend affiliate programs or products. As such, this post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. While clicking these links won't cost you any extra money, they will help me keep this site up and running! Thank you for your support!

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How to make $3700 a month with a new blog!

How do bloggers make money?

I have good news for you: You don't have to reinvent the wheel! There are a lot of bloggers, who are making serious money online. Just from reading their income reports you can learn:

  • different types of income streams
  • which blog niches are profitable
  • how much traffic do you need to make money online

To sum up, income reports from other bloggers are great for inspiration and motivation. In addition, they prevent you from making mistakes, so you can start your blog the right way.

Make money online for beginners

Here are some useful INCOME REPORTS where you can learn a lot about different possibilities to earn money with your blog:

1. Blog:

Breaking the one percent

347,675 $ in 2 months!

2. Blog:

One big happy life

10,900 $ in 1 month!

3. Blog:

Blog ambitious

1564 $ in 1 month

As you can see, blogging income can vary and starts often with a few $$. Only consistent work over a longer time will bring you enough traffic and trust of your readers to turn them in customers.

Need more inspiration? Have a look at this video from
Create and Go blog!

Do you have a favorite blogger and does he publish his income reports? Let me know in the comments below, which blogger are making money online and what works best in 2019!

How to make money online fast?

There are even more chances to make an income from the internet! Sometimes you don't even need a blog.

Did you know, that you can create pins on Pinterest with affiliate links? While posting affiliate links on Facebook is forbidden, it is absolutely legit on Pinterest. This is so awesome, because your pins will be shared even after years and get you a lot of traffic directly to your affiliate links. 

With a little help of Tailwind (get your discount for the 1. month!) your pin can go viral and bring thousands of clicks to your affiliate product. Some of the people, who clicked the link, will become customers - that means "one time"- or recurring commissions for you! 

5 proven ways to make money blogging!

Start your money making blog now, monetize it and quit your job to travel the world! Wouldn't this be awesome? 🙂

1. Sponsored Posts

Love a company, a product or service? Write a sponsored post about them and get paid for it! In this case it is really important to  disclose to your readers, that this is a sponsored post, otherwise you can lose their trust. 

2. Ad's

You can display ad's on your blog and with enough traffic, you can make money blogging just from advertising. I would suggest to wait until you have over 25,000 sessions a month in Google Analytics and be in good standing with Google AdSense. Then you can apply at Mediavine - they pay a lot more than other ad networks and their ad's don't look spammy.

With over 100,000 monthly page views you can apply for AdThrive - another great company, that will pay your bills for traveling the world.

3. Affiliate Marketing

That's a very beginner friendly way to make money online with your blog. With affiliate marketing you recommend products and services, which have an affiliate program.

You have to apply for different programs and have to prove, that you have a blog and you know, how to drive traffic. (Just say, you will drive traffic with Pinterest and Tailwind - I was always accepted with this idea!)

Don't chase after too many programs in the beginning, you have to write reviews and engaging blog posts about their products. You have to learn a lot about them and prove to your readers, that you are using them. 

Create an extra resources page with short product description and your affiliate links. Have a look at my Best Blogging Resources 2019 - choose the best products that fits into your niche and promote the hell out of it!

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

4. Your own digital products

Nowadays it's pretty easy to create digital products like e-books or online courses. You can sell your e-books on Amazon or use Teachable to sell your online course.

Even if you don't have an idea, how to write an e-book, you buy a bundle of e-books with re-sell and editing rights (PLR = private label rights) and sell them individually.

You can also use them as a freebie for your newsletter and sell series of videos as an online course. That is the fastest way to make money right now!

With Thrive Themes products you can create and sell online courses directly on your blog!

5. Your own services

Are you great at copy writing, photography, graphic design or anything, that your potential customers are interested in? Create a "Work with me" page and offer your own service. 

Show your portfolio and display some testimonials to build trust and find new customers. 

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. 

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Start your MONEY MAKING BLOG right now!

Sounds too good to be true? Can you really make money with a new blog in 2019 or is it too late and the market is to saturated?

The truth is, you can still make money blogging, but it will take some time... How long, do you ask? It depends, how much time and money do you invest in learning new skills, how often will you write a blog post and promote it on Pinterest...

SEO also takes a lot of time to kick in - 6 months or more is a realistic time frame to rank for some keywords.

In case you did your homework and know, how to use a KWfinder to find good keywords for your blog! Try this great tool, I also use for my 4 blogs!

So don't care, what other people are saying about blogging... Start your own blog now, work on it and see how it goes!

Create a beautiful wordpress blog and make money blogging!

Do you think: "But I'm not a web designer and have zero experience with wordpress... Do you I need to become a nerd to design an awesome blog?

THANKS GOD, you don't! WordPress may have good and free themes to design your blog, but if you want your blog to look professional and awesome right from the start, you should use: Thrive Themes Membership - I use it since 3 years on different blogs and love it!

Recommended Products

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Thrive Themes

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Theme: Pressive

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Quiz Builder

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Collect e-mails right from the start!

The most readers will read a blog post or two and go then to another blog or website and you will never see them again. But you need to build trust with your readers over time, to offer them your products and services and turn them into customers.

That's why it is so important to start an e-mail list in the first days of your blog! You need an e-mail service like Convertkit to send automatic email-series after sign-up and organizing your subscribers, based on their interests and needs. 

How to make a blog?

As you can see, it is really easy to make a blog about a topic you love and actually earn money with it! Are you motivated now and want to start your blog?

I'm excited for you! Read here more about, how to start a blog STEP BY STEP guide! 

Money making blog tips

Can you make money blogging?

Still not convinced, that you can make money blogging? Just read those income reports and ask yourself, are the bloggers you know really smarter than you?     

I bet, they are not! They simply started a blog one day and worked consistently on it every day! To be honest with you, it takes several month or even years to make enough money from blogging to quit your job...

But, even it that means hard work for 1 - 2 years beside your job, you have the possibility to quit your boring job and live from your side hustle. Other people will stay forever, where they are and exchange their hours for money.

One very important topic beside great content on your blog, is TRAFFIC. There are different possibilities to drive traffic to your money making blog. Most bloggers use Social Media, Pinterest (Pinterest is actually a search engine!) and SEO!

Make 10000 Dollar with blogging

How other bloggers drive traffic to their blogs!

Make money blogging SEO traffic

You can check traffic sources and other statistics with Similarweb for free! You can also install their add on and check every website fast!

Making Sense of Cents is a famous blog with monthly traffic around 500,000 visits and 60 % of it are from SEARCH

Want to rank also high in search results? Read this post with the best SEO tips for 2019 and get a ton of traffic!

Another example for great traffic mostly from Pinterest ist Tickled Think blog. As you can see, their traffic source is 88.51 % from Social and this is 100 % from Pinterest - see the image below!

Blog statistics with Similarweb

You can sky rocket your Pinterest traffic by using Tailwind - try one month for free and drive traffic with Tailwind tribes and Smartloop!

Pinterest traffic for money making blog

Don't waste your time, start blogging today, stay consistent, learn how to drive traffic, to collect emails and how to monetize your blog from the beginning! 

Let me know in the comments, what your blog will be about and how much money do you want to make with it?

Sincerely yours,

Julia Art