How to find time for a side hustle (without going crazy)

By Julia Art | make money online

How to find enough time for a side hustle and make money with a blog?

Who wants to have enough time for a side hustle beside a 9-5 job and make money with a blog? Do you feel like 24 hours are not enough to work in your full time job and additionally on your blog every day?

You’re anxious to reach those goals you’ve set for yourself and your online business, but you quickly realize that there’s only so much time in the day. No matter how hard you try, you feel as though you’re always one step behind. Learn, how to change this!


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1. You need a plan, if you want to succeed with your blog!

Learn, how to effectively manage your day and find time for a side hustle, so you can make ​more money blogging and quit your job one day.

Without a system designed to place a value on each hour you spend working on your business, you’ll find yourself frantically scrambling to meet deadlines, follow through on launches and prioritize what is most important to your business.

I want to help you get more done in less time by leveling up your productivity score quickly and easily.

Side hustle in 2019

The strategies, I’m sharing with you, are designed to help you learn to value your time, make informed decisions about the kind of work you’re focused on and ultimately, beat the clock.

Let’s get started. There’s no time to waste. 😉

2. You need an entrepreneurial mindset for a side hustle!

One of the reasons so many people seem to struggle to gain traction in their business and make money with a side hustle, is entirely due to the way they manage their daily activities.

This typically points to one major problem:

People are stuck in an employee mindset!

They’re so used to that 9-5 grind that they aren’t equipped to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, which will help them make the transition so they can train themselves to focus on the most important tasks: prioritizing their time and assigning value to the time they spend building their business.

When you work for yourself, 

your time is more valuable than it has ever been. If you’re writing a blog and promoting your own products, you’re no longer an employee, paid for each work day regardless of the outcome. You should be ruthless with focusing on the most important tasks or you can easily fall behind. Then you’ll find yourself constantly treading water trying to stay afloat.

As an entrepreneur, you’re solely responsible for your business, so your ability to value your time and make every minute count will have a major impact on how successful you’ll be.

Fail to make this important shift in the way you spend your time, and you’ll always struggle to get to where you want to be.

Thankfully, it’s not all that difficult to break that cycle and transition your way of thinking from that of an employee to a boss. It starts with preparing yourself for the realities of being an entrepreneur.

How can you find more time for your side hustle?

3. Set Realistic Goals. You must be honest about what you’re capable of getting done on any given day. Then you need to determine how many hours you’re willing to invest in your business and then assign those hours to specific projects. 

4. Break tasks down into smaller, focused projects. Tim Ferris, author of “The 4-Hour Work Week”, refers to this as “chunking”. We’ll talk more about the importance of this in a bit because it’s a great way to boost your productivity and get more done in less time.

5. Get the right tools for your blog business. As a blog writer, you spend a lot of time with writing articles and designing your blog posts with a content builder. Use Thrive Architect to make your blog posts not only readable, but also look amazing and engaging for your audience.

You can add different elements, like photos, videos, lists, styled boxes, tables, social media share, testimonials and a lot more! Everything with just drag and drop, no coding required! Have a look here for more useful tools!

6. Cut out Distractions

Your work environment will change drastically from what you may be used to as an employee, and you need to optimize your workspace so that it’s supporting a focused, productive workflow.

7. Identify the Truth Behind Procrastination. This is one of the hardest things to acknowledge at times, especially if you’ve gotten into the habit of procrastinating for reasons you aren’t aware of.  

We’ll talk more about this in an extra section of this blog post, because it deserves a section of its own. It’s that important.

8. Be Ruthless in Prioritizing. Does your email really need to stay open while you work so that all those notifications cause you to continuously check your inbox? Cutting out distractions, as we just mentioned, plays a huge role in your ability to prioritize.

Every minute has to count and you will be able to work more on your side hustle, if you focus on only one task at a time!

9. Find the right side hustle idea for you. Not every idea is for everyone. You might be good with affiliate marketing and other will love to create and sell their own e-books, online courses or customizable Pinterest background-photos. If you need more inspiration for interesting side hustle ideas, read here more about it.

Now it’s time to learn more about chunking technique, which will immediately boost your daily output and keep you focused on meeting your goals.

10. Chunking technique to find more time for your side hustle

As I started my blog and wanted to make money on the side, I worked like this:

- coffee first, took my laptop and started doing several different things at once. I checked my emails and my messenger, then maybe did some writing. After that I posted pictures on social media and then checked Pinterest, if I have a lot of monthly views.

Do you also work like this on your side hustle? This cycle costs you valuable time! While you’re thinking, you are super-efficient, the truth is, you will be much more successful with CHUNKING!

Chunking is where you decide to focus on just one major task at a time (or even per day). You can write a 3000 words blog post (great for SEO) on your first day, then create 5 different pins on Pinterest and schedule them on Tailwind on the next day. Engage with other bloggers in Facebook groups on the 3 day.

11. Create a task list for your online business and follow it!

Consider creating a detailed task list of all the important aspects of your side hustle. The things that keep it all afloat and absolutely require your time.

This can be tricky, because we tend to think, all things are very important but the reality is, they’re not. I hope this graphic will help you to understand, what you should do with different kinds of tasks.

Urgent and Important


Not Urgent but Important


Urgent but not Important


Not Urgent and Not Important


When it comes to any business, there are a handful of critical tasks that need to be taken care of daily. The rest just adds a little more gas to the tank. You can do them later, once important tasks are out of the way.

You need to learn to place a value on every ounce of “fuel” you have left. That’s where chunking comes into play.

By focusing on one main task a day, or at least per segment of allocated time, you will not only be able to focus strictly on getting it done on time but the quality of your work will likely be much better, because you’re not being constantly derailed.

Chunking is really important, to have enough time for a side hustle that makes money. Let me know in the comments, if you already tried this tip!

Bonus Tip: Why is procrastination bad for your side hustle?

Every single one of us can waste time either intentionally or not. But when it comes to building a successful business, often it’s far more of a subtle beast that we need to conquer: it’s our own fears.

You want to find more time for a side hustle, because you want to make more money. Probably you desire to quit your daily work and be independent. But when you’re dealing with self-doubt, everything feels a lot more difficult than it is. 

You’ll find a million reasons not to get something done. Internally you are constantly sabotaging yourself and believe it’ll likely fail, so why bother?

Procrastination is a dangerous business killer. 

It’s also a dream killer because if you’re allowing negative thoughts and self-doubt to lead the way, you’ll never have enough faith in your abilities to see things through. You’ll not only take longer to get ahead, but chances are you’ll never reach your desired destination.

Procrastination has been called the closest ally to underachievement, and for good reason.

Many of us are afflicted by negative, self-doubt so if that’s you, know that you’re not alone. Feeling like we’re not good enough, or that any success we’ve experienced was somehow unworthy is a common struggle with entrepreneurs all over the world.

The “I’m not good enough” monster is only amplified when you see others in your industry succeed. You might wonder whether you know enough, are informed, skilled or equipped enough to be in a position of authority.

Believe me, you are good enough!

If you’re a coach or course instructor, it’s easy to feel as though you’re simply not knowledgeable or experienced enough to be charging people for your information.

Deep down, you know it’s not true. You’ve likely worked hard to get to where you are and deserve every bit of success you achieve. Overcoming those feelings takes personal will and determination. If you make the commitment to yourself and your side hustle, nothing will stop you from reaching those goals.

Don’t be your own worst enemy in business. Be careful not to sabotage your own efforts. Identify your weaknesses and move on to focus on your strengths.

Take action every single day so that you’re too busy killing it in your industry to let that negative voice cost you those aspirations. Dig deep and diligently work towards improving your work flow while letting go of those negative assumptions.

No, it won’t always be easy and it’ll take a determined effort on your part. But if you work towards reprogramming your way of thinking, you’ll vanquish those success-constricting messages. Also you'll reinvigorate that desire that made you take the leap from employee to self-employed in the first place.


We all have 24 hours a day and most of us, who are starting out with a blog and a side hustle in 2019, have a full time job, family and friends and probably a hobby or two!

With my tips you will find a few hours a day, to work on your side hustle, but will you have the discipline for that? Let me know in the comments, how it’s going with your online business right now!